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Minority Report is an American science-fiction crime drama television series that aired on Fox from September 21, to November 30, It was developed by Max Borenstein and it is a sequel adaptation to the film of the same name based on the science fiction short story " The Minority Report " by Philip K. lxevyings.cf of episodes: 10 (list of episodes). Minority Report () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Daniel London (Wally the Caretaker) is the only actor to reprise his role in the television adaptation Minority Report (). However, William Mapother (Hotel Clerk) played Charlie Peele in Minority Report: Hawk-Eye () and Minority Report: Fredi ().

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Sign in, cast of minority report. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Edit Minority Report Showing all 77 items. The "PreCogs" were all named after famous mystery writers. When John Anderton Tom Cruise visits the jail, the retina scanner that scans his eye makes a confirmation sound that years later Apple would use as the charging sound.

For the scene where Anderton holds his breath in the bathtub, Steven Spielberg was going to create the air bubble rising with CGI, but Tom Cruise took the time and learned how to do it himself. Three years before production began, Steven Spielberg assembled a team of sixteen future experts in Santa Monica to brainstorm out the year for him. Steven Spielberg hired the top twelve contortionists from around the world to do the futuristic yoga class scene.

A "Minority Report" in real life is a legislative procedure whereby a minority of a committee usually members from the minority party offer an official alternative to a piece of legislation. Because of the way rules of decorum work out, minority reports are very rarely successful as in this film. Cinematographer Janusz Kaminski did cast of minority report bleach bypass on the film, effectively skipping the bleaching of the silver halide crystals in the film in order to create the desaturated silver tinted colors.

At the police station, the officers talk about the metaphysical proof of precognition. All of this is an allusion to the famous claim of philosopher David Humecast of minority report, that by observing billiard balls you can actually demonstrate that cause and effect does not exist but is merely a habitually created fiction of the mind.

Cast of minority report film was almost shot a few years earlier, before Steven Spielberg decided to do A. Artificial Intelligence instead and have the "Minority Report" script reworked. After the delay, Javier Bardem has stated in interviews that he was offered the part of Witwer, cast of minority report, but turned it down because he "didn't want to just run around chasing Tom Cruise. When Dr. Solomon Eddie Peter Stormare calls his assistant, he says the following sentence in Swedish: "Greta, get the hell out of there, wipe your ass, hurry up!

From the very beginning, Steven Spielberg wanted Greta Dr. Eddie's assistant to sing something by ABBAbut Peter Stormare suggested that she should sing something else, to make the scene more absurd. This song is usually sung on Midsummer Eve parties in Sweden. The police hovership cast of minority report nicknamed The Dispenser because of its physical similarities to cast of minority report Pez dispenser.

Janusz Kaminski is a regular cinematographer on Steven Spielberg 's films. When Spielberg approached him for this film, he told him to create "the ugliest, dirtiest movie" either of them had ever made. Tom Cruise began filming only a few days after completing work on Vanilla Sky Steven Spielberg chose the special effects company Imaginary Forces to design the film's prevision sequences because he liked the title sequence they designed for Se7en The concept behind the spyders was what a grenade would look like if it had been designed by Porsche.

In Philip K. Dick 's original short story, John Anderton is fat and balding, not at all like Tom Cruise. The setting was changed to Mars with the Precogs being people mutated by the Martian atmosphere, as established in the first film. The main character was also changed to Douglas Quaid, the man played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The project eventually fell apart due to Carolco's bankruptcy after, in an attempt to save itself financially, the indebted studio chose to produce the pirate adventure and huge box office bomb Cutthroat Island instead of this and Paul Verhoeven's Crusade, a bloody war adventure and satire of the medieval Catholic church starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charlton Heston as the warmongering Pope but the writers, cast of minority report, who still owned the rights to the original story, cast of minority report, rewrote the script, removing the elements from "Total Recall".

This script was eventually tossed out when writer Jon Cohen was hired in to start the project over from scratch. The only original element from the early script which made it to the final film is the sequence in the car factory, an idea that Steven Spielberg loved. This led to the original writers suing for the right to have their name in the cast of minority report credits as co-writers.

Due to the extremely strict rules of the writers' guild about how much of the script must be written by a person to get the writing credit, the final ruling was that the original writers can only get the executive producer credit, and not the writing credit, which they begrudgingly agreed to.

John Williams was hired to provide the score. The tiny in-ear cellphones used throughout the movie most noticeably by Pre-Crime Director Lamar Burgess Max von Sydow in the film's final scenes are actually Bang and Olufsen earphones without the connection cables.

Apparently, Colin Farrell had a lot of trouble delivering the line "I'm sure you all understand the legalistic drawback to Pre-Crime methodology". According to sound designer Gary Cast of minority reportthe sounds for the Mag-Lev Magnetic Levitation car system were made from the sounds cast of minority report his own washing machine.

Jan de Bont was a credited producer because he was originally going to direct the film. Steven Spielberg claimed that De Bont did no work on the film once Spielberg joined the project and publicly questioned whether he deserved the credit. This film shows technology that was not yet widely available at the time it came out, but is at the time of this writing, July Gesture control and eye and fingerprint recognition are some of the things shown in the film that are available to the public today.

The part of Danny Witwer was originally American and with a father who died outside a church in Maryland, cast of minority report, but Steven Spielberg didn't think Colin Farrell could fully shake his Irish accent, so the character was made Irish.

The small storage media used throughout the film cast of minority report clear plastic versions of Iomega's PocketZip disks. Artificial Intelligence However, Morris' scenes ended up being cut, so Spielberg gave her the part of Lara to make up for that.

During the scenes that show Anderton manipulating the PreCogs' visions of future crimes, the music in the background is Franz Schubert 's "Symphony 8 in B Minor"--more commonly known as cast of minority report "Unfinished" symphony. Final film of George Wallace. Elements from the original short story that the screenplay is based on included more details about the Pre-Crime Unit, cast of minority report.

The data was double-checked by the military cast of minority report ensure that the Pre-Crime officers would not be bribed by any future murderer to conceal the evidence. The Pre-Cogs worked on different time levels which accounted for any minor discrepancies that their premonitions had. They mumbled and their incoherent words were deciphered in audio tapes.

Their data could be fabricated and in the story this is exactly what happens since the first vision is revealed to be a fake one. The screenplay however omits all these details in favor of a visual display of the precognitions. Wristwatches in the film: Tom Cruise wears two different timepieces, cast of minority report, an Omega Speedmaster X33 digital at the Baltimore public pool when measuring underwater endurance the X33 is no longer in production due to disappointing sales.

The digital Bvlgari with LCD dial hasn't been invented yet. In an interview Steven Spielberg admitted that jetpacks are not likely to ever come to fruition, but he included the technology as a tribute to the science fiction that he grew up with. As well as Director Cameron Crowe, actress Cameron Diaz also makes a cameo appearance as a commuter on a train. John August also did an uncredited draft. Frank Darabont was approached to also do one, but was busy finishing up The Majestic The film takes place in April Steven Spielberg turned to Lexus for some ideas in designing a car for the future, but the bulk of the designs were done by Harald Belkerwho has also designed vehicles featured in Armageddon and xXx When Gideon says that the contained prisoners are "busy, busy, cast of minority report, busy," this may be a reference to "Cat's Cradle" by Kurt Vonnegut, cast of minority report, Jr.

ILM contributed over effects shots to the film, cast of minority report. The scissors killing in the beginning is a reference to Dead Again and the guy finding his wife having an affair with another guy and hiding from them so they don't see him is a reference to Malice Both movies were written by Scott Frank. Colin Farrell later appeared in Total Recalla remake of the film for which this was to be a sequel.

The pistol that John Anderton uses is the Beretta Shown "in actual size" are circular magnets representing; the iconic image of Elliot riding his bike in front of the moon, as well as one of a portrait of E, cast of minority report. Meryl Streep was originally cast as Iris Hineman, but had to back out. Cate Blanchett was offered the role of Agatha. Van Wageningen had to drop out because he had been unable to secure a working permit when filming began.

Even though Amblin Entertainment was involved with the production of this film, its logo credit is only represented on film posters and theatrical trailers worldwide, not in the film itself. Steven Spielberg used the town of Gloucester, cast of minority report, Virginia, as a location for a portion of the film. Though the crew was in the town for a little over a month shooting, the scenes are only shown in the movie for a minute or so.

The town cast of minority report given no acknowledgment in the credits, cast of minority report. Although the exact logistics of the predictive technology highlighted in Minority Report has not yet come to fruition as ofthe first traces of predictive technology being used in law enforcement have begun to appear.

In a handful of areas in the US, cast of minority report, police departments are working with software programs that predict in what areas of the department's city criminal acitivity will be taking place day to day, based on past activity.

Each day the police officers will be given reports detailing what areas the program has predicted crimes will be taking place for that day, and the officers patrol those areas rather than areas they may have otherwise covered that day. When Anderton and Agatha are at the mall, right after the little girl asks her mom to buy a balloon, the police are looking for them and just barely miss them.

In the background of that scene, a billboard reads "See what others don't," an ability Agatha has that the police don't. This is the first movie Steven Spielberg directed for 20th Century Fox. The studio, which handled theatrical distribution rights in North America, cast of minority report, financed the film along with DreamWorks Pictures, cast of minority report, which handled theatrical distribution rights in all other countries outside of North America.

When Anderton is getting his eyeballs surgically replaced, the procedure looks rather similar to the Ludovico technique from Stanley Kubrick 's A Clockwork Orange Daniel London Wally the Caretaker is the only actor to reprise his role in the television adaptation Minority Report The car assembly line scene bears a striking resemblance to the assembly line scene in Star Cast of minority report Episode II - Attack of the Clones John Williams was the composer on both films.

This is the first film directed by Steven Spielberg cast of minority report be shot in the 2. Jenna Elfman was considered for the part later taken by Kathryn Morris. Her mother is Spielberg's wife, Kate Capshaw. The film had a similar plot to Minority Report : government agent Ethan Hunt Cruise goes on the run after a mission is sabotaged, and he is framed as a mole, and he sets out to find the real mole and clear his name.

In this film, precrime bureau chief John Anderton Cruise is forced to go on the run when he is framed for a precrime murder, and sets out to stop the crime from happening and clear his name.

In the same shot, the blonde woman sitting behind him is Cameron Diaz. It is reported that he is so hard to find that Anderson himself does not know where he appears.

Scott Frank : The co-writer appears as a customer in the cyber parlor, the one who receives an award and is being congratulated "You're the man".


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Jun 20,  · Minority Report (film) Plot. In April , Washington, DC 's prototype PreCrime police department stops murderers Cast. Members of the cast of Minority Report. Production. Novelist Jon Cohen was hired in to adapt the story for a potential /10(K). Minority Report (TV Series ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. IMDb. Watch Now For Free Featured Browse more titles» Movies. Minority Report is an American science-fiction crime drama television series that aired on Fox from September 21, to November 30, It was developed by Max Borenstein and it is a sequel adaptation to the film of the same name based on the science fiction short story " The Minority Report " by Philip K. lxevyings.cf of episodes: 10 (list of episodes).